The ALLFETT greasing system protects your equipment; it insures a continuous greasing to the points at regular intervals. Shortage of grease, heavy loads, dust and water prematurely wears out your moving parts of the machine. Our systems offer performance, reliability and efficiency.

The Allfett progressive lubrication system offers a maximal performance and flexibility. It is a versatile system thus very easily personalized. There modular system and the multiple choices of pumps offer a variety of configurations which adapt to all applications. The Alltech Group proposes three ALLFETT progressive greasing systems.

The Allfett progressive lubrication system includes; Pump with one or many pumping elements. The reservoir is available in many sizes. Electric card installed in the cabin away from the elements. Progressive distribution valves already calibrated. Hoses and fittings which are easily re-usable and available. Many other options to customize your system.

The VDC series pump are powered by an electric motor with an eccentric cam. At each motor rotation, the spring of the pump element (s) is (are) compressed in order to obtain the required pressure.

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